Name: Lopa Vibhakar

Profession: Systemic Couple & Family Psychotherapist

Speciality: Couple & Family Psychotherapist

Consulting Hours:
Thursday – 10am – 7pm
Friday – 10am – 7pm
Saturday – 11am – 4pm

Contact Details:
Mobile: 07877081619



Additional Information:

I am a UKCP registered Couple & Family Psychotherapist, I have 26 years of experience of working with individuals, couples, families and groups.

My approach is to create a safe and supportive atmosphere that enables effective and clear communication which allows a better understanding of the dilemmas. Although it is important to look at how the past has impacted on the present, my focus is to work alongside with you to move forward.

I specialise and have many years of experience working with people in these areas:

• Couple & Marital difficultiesCoping with illness and disability
• Difficulties as a result of life cycle change, i.e. Birth, illness, Marriage, Death etc.
• Impact of Depression on your life or others
• Impact of one partner diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome on couple relationship
• Post-Natal depression
• Ongoing conflict within a relationship
• Challenges of managing mixed Race relationships
• Working with couples with a partner suffering from Dementia
• Managing Divorce/Separation
• to build relationships after a traumatic event/s
• Psycho sexual Issues in a couple relationship
• Same Sex Relationships