Name: Razna Rahman

Profession: Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Speciality: I am an accredited BACP registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I mainly work to a psychodynamic model (exploring your past to discover the roots of your present issues), but I also use a range of other methods- integrative, humanistic and CBT.

Consulting Hours:
Tuesday to Wednesday 8am -12pm.
Wednesday 5pm – 8pm

Contact Details:
Mobile: 07863182935

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Additional Information:

I work with individuals in a setting which allows you to delve into your childhood or early years to find the causes for any present negative feelings, behaviours and thoughts.

Recounting or discovering an individual’s personal history and how they interact with other family members and friends can be an extremely revealing and cathartic process for clients. This can lead to new insights and revelations about a client’s current problems and hopefully provide answers and solutions.

I am particularly interested in helping clients explore their early relationships which may have formed destructive patterns of behaviour.

My aim is to help you break out of old destructive patterns and identifying more constructive ways being with each other. I aim to offer a secure, safe, non-judgmental and trusting environment for you to discuss these matters with a view to breaking out of negative patterns of behaviour and a deeper understanding of yourself.

I provide one-to-one and couples Counselling to adults.