Name: Mark Rahaman DipBE Dip IIST DipPT

Profession: Biomechanics Coach, Sports Massage Therapist

Speciality: Back Pain Specialist , knee and shoulder pain, musculoskeletal nerve specialist , alignment and sports performance

Consulting Hours:

Contact Details:
Phone: 07956239690
Twitter: @Markrfitness
Linkedin: MarkRfitness



Additional Information:

I am a qualified Biomechanics coach and sports massage therapist. I first studied the field of biomechanics and sports therapy twelve years ago to enable me to know more about the body its movement and dysfunctions with an interest in increasing performance. What quickly became very apparent was the fact that a large majority of people were suffering from back, knee or shoulder pain and that biomechanics was the missing link in helping my clients to become pain free as well as helping to increase their performance in their chosen sport or daily life.

My Approach

Through a system based on extensive research spanning 20 years working with the muscular skeletal and nervous systems, a corrective system of screens, releases and exercises are performed over time to bring the body back to natural normalised pain free movement by reducing nerve tethering, muscle spasm and joint dysfunction by correcting the dysfunction.

This can be used in conjunction with sports massage therapy to help speed up the process.

Sports massage induces a relaxation and works perfectly alongside the biomechanics screening and re-aligning process. The two can work hand in hand to speed up the process towards becoming pain free, with increased balance, power speed and the ability to move more freely.