Name: Ruth Nightingale, MSc, UKCP registered

Profession: Gestalt Psychotherapist

Speciality: Stress, anxiety, depression, low mood, psychosomatic issues, Low self confidence, Low mood, trauma, identity issues and relationship issues (specifically mother and baby relationships)

Consulting Hours:
8am to 7pm Monday to Friday

Contact Details:
Mobile: 07429 102887



Additional Information:

Ruth is a professional Gestalt Psychotherapist working in private practice.

My professional interest is in exploring the psychological attributes of our ‘here and now’ physical experience as adults and how these experiences can inform how we made contact with our environment and families developmentally.
Gestalt asks ‘how?’ and ‘what?’ – not why; As your therapist I am curious about your actual experience now – not how you should be or how you should do things. In working in this way I can help you find ways of expanding your choices to live your life more fully.