Name: Mrs Rebecca Adshead

Profession: Specialist Physiotherapist

Speciality: Musculoskeletal sports injuries, tendinopathies, shoulder pain and spinal disorders, inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthrtis, post-surgical rehabilitation and muscle strains. 

Consulting Hours:
Tuesday evenings 5-8pm, Saturday mornings 8am-12pm, Wednesday mornings 9.30-1pm from August.

Contact Details:
Mob: 07828644408;



Additional Information:

Becky Adshead is an experienced physiotherapist, specialising in musculoskeletal and rheumatology conditions. She works with consultant rheumatologists in the NHS and has a special interest in soft tissue injuries, spinal and shoulder conditions and spondyloarthropathies. She has a post graduate diploma in Advanced Physiotherapy and reached a recognised standard of excellence in neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy being awarded membership of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP) specialist group.
Becky combines her extensive knowledge of injury assessment and rehabilitation to provide the highest standard of care for her patients. She specialises in manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques to address muscular imbalances and patterns of dysfunction leading to injury.
Becky is also trained in acupuncture and pilates and uses these skills as an adjunct to other therapies to treat both acute and chronic pain.