Name: Louise Levy

Profession: Chronic Pain / Stress Illness Practitioner


Consulting Hours:
Monday to Friday 11am – 7pm
Saturday 11am – 2pm
By Appointment
24 hours notice policy applies

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Tel 020 8504 6192
Mobile 07984 011429



Additional Information:

Our innate personality and also our life experiences to date will shape our thoughts, feelings and behaviour which will in turn have an affect on our stress response. Everything we experience right from a young age is held in our memory. Past experiences that have left us feeling hurt, angry or traumatised in some way can leave their mark and these stress memories can build up throughout our life time. Even if we think we have dealt with them, often subconsciously we haven’t completely. On top of this every day life’s challenges for example problems at work or at home, relationship problems, financial concerns and negative emotions manifest themselves in our body as listed above as we generate day to day inner tension. We are all unique and will all respond slightly differently to the same situation, depending on our self induced pressures and personality traits . These are often at the root of our stress illness / chronic pain problem.

Common stress symptoms are:
Back Pain ( Including Pain From Prolapsed Discs )
Neck Pain
Tension Headaches
Unexplained Chest Pain

Unexplained Pelvic Pain
Frequent Urination


M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Difficulty Swallowing
Food Allergies

Find out how I can help you get back to normality in just 5 sessions by focussing on the ‘root cause’ of your emotional problem as opposed to the symptom itself by contacting me on 07984 011429 and looking at the Chronic Pain / Stress Illness Page on my website.